Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Format Festival Case Study

I have selected the above photographs as the subject matter relates to my interest in street photography. I find people and what exists  beneath the exterior fascinating. Loosing myself on a busy city street glimpsing at passers by and scanning how they could interest me as a photographer is compelling. Gary Winogrand creates black and white photography of street scenes. He documented the city and the urban landscape concentrating on it’s people and capturing animate with inanimate objects became a fascination. Winogrand’s unique view of the world is captured through his photography.
The second image focuses on the characters of the people and in the way they are interacting with one another. The male in his dominant role is seen holding the female and kissing her in the doorway. The female figure stares at the photographer with a look of awkwardness. She seems unaffected by the passion of the male. The girl standing on the pavement appears to be quite accepting of the kiss and possibly surprised when the shutter clicked.
Winogrand said “photography is not about the thing photographed. It is about how that thing looks photographed” This image looks intriguing. The figures do provoke thought. The surroundings do relate to the people. The whole composition comes together to create an image that will be remembered and discussed.

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