Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My own practice

The gulf between rich and poor has grown wider in the UK.  It paints a picture of a country shaped by equality and class difference, with the children of the poor destined to live much harder lives than those of the wealthy. My focus is that on our City streets these two types of people walk on the same pavements and breathe the same air. My aim as a photographer is to capture something about them as people, showing a contrast between the divide (the rich vs the poor). How do these two types of people present themselves? Our cities have a great divide between the very rich and the very poor. Do the rich look down on the poor? Is class difference evident to the passer by? Do people really care who they share a pavement with? City dwellers usually walk quickly and with their eyes fixed to the ground. What are they thinking? Where are they going? What is the hustle and bustle really about?
In my photographs I want to portray the way people identify with their environment, how they show their identity and social status in their actions, personality and surroundings. Is there no hope on the streets for our youths and are they becoming a threat or danger to others with anti-social behaviour. How do the rich and the less fortunate present themselves? These are all issues I am going to research and uncover through my photography.
I experienced a taste of this when I was photographing on the streets of Leeds. My subjects appeared quite hostile and defensive. I felt as though I was intruding, invading their space. There was a feeling of uncertainty between us. What was I doing taking their photographs? Was I capturing them in the way I wanted?

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